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Data Analyst I-III

Work Remotely

  • $15.00 - $24.70/ hour

  • Perform a variety of research activities related to business development and product evaluation.

  • Minimum 2+ years’ experience.

  • Research and management of data relevant to an organization, ensuring quality, completeness, and integrity, to enhance day-to-day operations and improved accuracy and efficiency in data processes, or to aid decision-making.

  • Developing spreadsheets and databases to support project activities and providing quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of findings to aid decision making.

  • Provide support to the sales team and the sales process by developing analyses for sales pitches and press releases.

  • Data entry and import of data into systems and documents.

  • Responsible for modeling information from the media using internally developed tools.

  • Work together with other researchers to collect, process, and understand data that can facilitate clients’ decisions.

  • Responsible for creating structured datasets from large, unstructured data that describe people, activities, and behavior, social networks, communication, and other social phenomena of interest.

  • Responsible for communicating findings to project teams and other technical and non-technical stakeholders.

  • Compile data and assist in routine preliminary analyses; maintain research data in computer, write summary reports and report findings to investigator.

  • Review data for completeness and accuracy.

  • Identify and report potential issues.

  • Excellent attention to detail, ability to detect and correct problems.

  • Analyze the impact of change, anticipate possible problems, and develop plans to prevent them.

  • Recognize when alternative perspectives are required and facilitate appropriate meetings.

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